Hiring a Trade Show Program Management Company

If you have worked in the tradeshow industry for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with one or more trade show management companies. Perhaps there was one in place when you arrived at your current position, and you became familiar with them “on the job” so to speak. As your career moved on, some...
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The Invisible Trade Show Audience

What Would You Give To Have a Fully Trained Sales Force Dropped Into Your Lap For Free? The Journey Go back with me 26 years, before I knew anything about the Invisible Trade Show Audience, when I first exhibited in my industry’s premier trade show event. EXHIBITORLIVE is held every March in Las Vegas. It is the...
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What Makes a Trade Show Exhibit Memorable?

Bigger Isn’t Always Better Trade shows often feature exhibits that will not only surprise you but can also be genuinely “mind-blowing.” Size alone doesn’t make a trade show exhibit memorable or mind-blowing. When you see one that is truly out of the ordinary, what is your reaction? What factors go into creating a booth that...
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Quality Packaging That Delivers Real Savings

Observation: Go to a tradeshow during the setup, and you will see every kind of packaging imaginable as freight moves across a dozen different loading docks. You’ll see large crates, which are the standard, but palletized merchandise of all types is in abundance too. Then there are those creative folks who move product in whatever...
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