Return to the Workplace with Room Dividers for Office Safety

Office Cubicles

The Great Return to the Workplace

Office Cubicles

Let’s get back to work. What’s next? Just like you, businesses everywhere (literally) have been on hiatus. Many offices cubicles still sit vacant awaiting a workplace return.

Now companies clamor to get back to doing what they do best. But there’s no playbook to do so. It’s being created while we carefully move forward. Many are returning to work without a plan in place, but recently, COVID numbers in the US are on the rise again.

So how can we come back stronger, but also safely? 

Change perspective. 

  • Increase self-awareness to recognize opportunities to evolve and grow.
  • Be creative. What worked for us before, won’t carry us into our next chapter, or elevate us to new heights.
  • Be flexible. Find new ways of doing business and servicing customers.
  • Communicate changes. Stay connected with customers and employees.
  • Focus on health. Business owners have an added responsibility to implement office safety measures.
  • Rethink our workspace to create a safe work environment.

Our new normal expects the unexpected in these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know enough about this pandemic to move forward anyway other than cautiously. Still, reopening produces mixed feelings and ideas about how to proceed. So as you transition back to the workplace, consider your options and flexibility during these uncertain times.

COVID-19 shows us that we all need a plan in place for the future. Workplaces contribute to the rapid virus spread. We must minimize susceptibility to be productive. Prepare for a new normal.

Consider your healthy workplace return.

  • Firstly, be sure to post current State guidelines for reopening so that everyone understands up-to-date requirements. Mask requirements vary state-to-state, but it is recommended to encourage mask use to ease general discomfort.
  • Secondly, give employees a sense of security. Listen and respond to their concerns. Allow employees to create a clean, personalized space. Keep cleaning supplies on hand to maintain surfaces. Provide hand sanitizing stations
  • Meanwhile, implement measures to maintain physical distance using office partitions and room dividers.

Office Divider Options for Safety

We can take measures to create a safer workspace. Acrylic wall divider panels can be used as partitions between workstations. Or partial-height extensions can be added to existing office cubicles for increased separation.

Steelcase Full-Height Wall DividersFor instance, companies, like Steelcase and Herman Miller, provide full-scale architectural and furniture options at a substantial investment. Install full height privacy walls, raise panel heights, or replace existing furniture. These options may make financial sense for companies that use these systems or want a complete workspace overhaul.

More basic office safety measures are available. Space dividers can be made simply and with minimal investment. Mount acrylic panels for a temporary option. Or, apply transparent plastic sheets to simple frame structures.

For a moderate financial investment, consider PlaceLyft, a multifunctional, modular panel system that provides flexible-use options.

Three pricing-tiers are available for PlaceLyft modular office designs. These panels can be added to existing office layouts for increased separation. But separate can still be connected in the workplace. Transparent office dividers maintain a human connection while providing a safety barrier. Translucent panels create privacy while allowing light to flow. Laminate organic materials between panels to add texture and natural elements.

In addition, your components can be fully mobile and custom. Add branding to your multi-use dividers. Now panels double as marketing tools used in virtual events, today, and in live trade show events, in the future.

Plan for the Future

Let’s face it. As we embrace our new normal, at least for a while, we all need to make safety modifications to protect employees and customers. Provide a safe, productive space with office dividers.

Beyond dividing work areas for physical distance, seek new opportunities to evolve. Challenge yourself to move forward in new, innovative ways. Stay connected with the communities you serve with technology.

Looking for help? Let Astor Group help guide you in your healthy workplace return. In addition to helping you create a safe office environment, Astor Group can help you discover new ways to reach your audience. With physical events on hold, the world of virtual events allows you to reach your audience in a high-tech digital format. 

Ultimately, we combine the best tools and resources to create both physical spaces and custom virtual experiences. Let us help you evolve. Whatever solution you choose, contact Astor Group to help you determine the best solution to fit your needs.

Above all, perspective is key. Focus on the positive. Dig deep to find new ways to adapt and prosper. We believe in you and your ability to persevere and prepare a healthy workplace.

Astor Group is here to help you.