Office Dividers

Office Partitions & Dividers

Modifying your existing desks and cubicles doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Our PlaceLyft Office Dividers are attractive, cost-effective additions to your existing structures. By upgrading the your cubicles and desks with plex extensions and powder-coated plex dividers, your existing office will comply with social distancing while ensuring a safer, more hygienic environment. Best of all, the office dividers fit most office wall panel systems or can be attached to existing desks with minimal hardware.
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Safety Dividers

Safety Dividers are essential in retail stores, offices, churches, events, and any public gathering. They create physical distance, maintain order, and protect people anywhere groups are present. In permanent or semi-permanent situations, base plates are the logical choice. Where the dividers are meant to be temporary or quickly moved, then castors are the best option.

PlaceLyft Safety Dividers are constructed from engineered aluminum extrusion. Engineered aluminum is lightweight but significantly stronger and more durable than traditional thin-walled aluminum profiles. The satin anodized surface protects the aluminum from abrasions and it retains its shine under the most challenging environments. Need additional dividers? The modular extrusion connects seamlessly to any vertical or horizontal post. Choose from clear acrylic, frosted plex, or graphic insert options.

Don’t see exactly what you want? No problem. We specialize in designing and building solutions for any need.

Space Partitions

Perfect for Retail, Schools, Events, Shows, and Churches
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  • Curved, Straight and Planter Box Designs
  • Engineered Aluminum Extrusion Frame
  • Satin Anodized Finish
  • Base Plate or Castors
  • Optional Headers

Variety of Optional Infills:

  • Clear Acrylic
  • Printed Sintra
  • Frosted Plex
  • Tinted/Colored Plex
  • Vinyl Overlays
Classic Graphic And Infill Options View 20000
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Mod 8026 802e