Sidra Medical & Research Center

Sidra Medical & Research Center


In one word, Sidra Medical & Research Center desired “opulence in design.” With a mission to recruit the top medical talent in the world, the client needed a display program that would give their target audience a stunning first impression and, leave them wanting more.


Astor Group, leveraging its knowledge of Middle Eastern culture, created an elegant line of displays in three sizes, showcasing a modern Modulis design inspired by the region.

Each exhibit is adorned with an abundance of fresh flowers, sculpted flooring, high-end designs, and luxurious giveaways that epitomize the opulent lifestyle of Doha, Qatar. Managing all their U.S. trade show requirements, the Astor Group team meticulously designed booths featuring ample storage, cutting-edge technology, changeable graphics, and an impeccable attention to detail, ensuring they effortlessly stand out from the crowd.

Custom Design, Trade Show & Event Services

20'x20' ISLAND

20'x10' INLINE

10'x10' ISLAND