HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare


The request: “We want to stand. out. We want the WOW factor!”  

Being one of the largest hospital owners and management companies in the United States, HCA Healthcare endeavored to create a new identity for their Physician Recruitment division. The recruiting team is the front line talent who projects the company’s face to qualified physicians at a wide variety of trade show events during the year. 

HCA had just undergone a bold, new brand update and needed to roll out consistent branding across all exhibit and display properties. Additionally, their existing displays did not represent HCA as one of the nation’s largest and leading healthcare providers, nor one of The Fortune 100 companies. They were relatively unknown in the space. 

Astor Group was tasked with creating a unique 20′ x 20′ island display, a much smaller 10′ x 10′ in-line display, as well as, portable “recruiter set-up” displays. They needed a space that was inviting, and facilitated both conversations with recruiters, but also offering self-serve workstations.   

One last challenge was that we find a creative solution to graphics so that other divisions of HCA could also use the displays with their own graphics. 


Astor Group was tasked with creating a unique 20′ x 20′ island display, and another, much smaller 10′ x 10′ in-line display to be equally attractive and effective.

The larger booth’s visual impact was stunning but offered a low-key, casual way of breaking away from the crowds with lounges and rest areas. Here is where talented HR specialists can review company opportunities on iPads with interested candidates. 

Among a wide variety of 10′ booths at trade shows, the HCA booth was a stunner! It literally stops people in their tracks while offering all the 20′ booth’s technical capabilities for recruitment purposes. Complete with large monitors and a storage closet, and unique accent pieces, the more modest approach doesn’t give away an inch of effectiveness with size.