HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare


“We want to stand out! We want the WOW factor!”  


HCA had just undergone a bold, new brand update and needed to roll out consistent branding across all exhibit and display properties. Additionally, their existing displays did not represent HCA as one of the nation’s largest and leading healthcare providers, nor one of The Fortune 100 companies. They were relatively unknown in the market space they occupied even though they were a behemoth in the industry. 

First, HCA tasked Astor Group with creating a unique 20′ x 20′ island display. HCA needed a space that was inviting, facilitated conversations with recruiters, but also offering self-serve workstations. One last challenge was finding a creative solution to graphics so that other HCA divisions could also use the displays with their graphics. 

Second, for most of their national recruitment opportunities during the year, HCA needed a smaller 10×10 foot booth design. It needed to also solve some of the same challenges as the larger exhibit only in a smaller space. 10 x 10-foot exhibits are challenging from a design standpoint due to the limited amount of creative space that size offers. 

Finally, HCA wanted a truly portable solution for recruitment opportunities where the recruiter could quickly provide the set-up assistance needed to present the company’s job offerings. 


To meet the challenge, Astor Group first created a unique 20′ x 20′ island display that featured the bold branding HCA desired when exhibiting in an island booth setting. The booth’s visual impact was stunning but offered a low-key, casual way of breaking away from the crowds with lounges and rest areas. Here is where talented HR specialists can meet and greet interested prospects and review employment opportunities on iPads with candidates. Two large 82″ monitors helped tell the company story and showcase the vast number of hospitals and surgery centers around the country. The large lounge area in the rear of the booth gives both recruiters and visitors a much-needed rest area along with the opportunity to enjoy a needed cup of coffee. 

Compared with the wide variety of 10′ booths at trade shows, the HCA 10-foot booth is a stunner! It literally stops people in their tracks while offering all the island booth’s technical capabilities for recruitment purposes. Complete with a large monitor, 2- iPad stations, generous storage closet, and unique accent pieces, the more modest approach doesn’t give away an inch of effectiveness with size. It not only met but exceeded the design challenge and quickly became a point of pride for the staff who spoke with pride about their company to all who visited.