A Memorable Island Exhibit

A Memorable Island Exhibit

This beautiful island exhibit is memorable in so many ways but began as a few lines drawn on a whiteboard and a steep list of challenges. How do you create an exhibit that maintains open-concept, is a “show-stopper,” and has the structure to house multiple video walls and other technology?

Additionally, the design would need to satisfy two separate divisions within the company who would be sharing this memorable island exhibit. This meant that both companies had their own separate wish lists. The final design needed to capture Parallon’s sophisticated, yet fun brand while showcasing the prestige that is HealthTrust.

After collaborating with both clients to learn of their individual preferences, the Astor Group team created a list of combined elements that would define the final direction the booth would take. From there, we entered the divergent stage to produce as many ideas as possible. Our team then brought the best rough sketches to the client and combined their favorite elements to develop a more defined concept for both companies.

Throughout the process, the goal was to consider every aspect of the trade show world to create a home run on every level.

Custom Design, Trade Show & Event Services
Custom Design, Trade Show & Event Services

Key Design Considerations:

  • The booth must easily transform between Parallon and HealthTrust brands and must be able to work in spaces ranging from 20’ x 30’ to 20’ x 50’.
  • The internal space must be versatile enough to be used for any variety of engagement solutions.
  • The exhibit must be built and packaged to decrease material handling costs from their previous island exhibit.

After several rounds of feedback and edits, a few final tweaks were made to accurately reflect each client’s brand. The design quickly came to life with our team of skilled engineers. They determined the best materials for assembly, stability, affordability and ease of use. This important step enabled Astor Group to provide labor cost savings which allowed for additional capital budget to be put towards the innovative technology within the new exhibit.

  • The curved slat sections were designed to ship in pre-assembled sections to cut down installation time.
  • Powder-coated aluminum extrusion was used to create the slats and video wall structures to be both structurally strong and lightweight.
  • Versatile accessories such as charging stations and counters were added to accent the impressive lighting of the booth. These could be placed in different locations to accommodate the layout of different booth sizes.
  • The flooring was created so that it could be shared across all booth sizes, cutting down expense.
  • All branding needed to be easily changed to allow for both clients to utilize the exhibit. This included the lighting effects on the slats, counters and charging stations. These effects could become each company’s signature color. In addition, a disco effect could be created that would enhance engagement solutions inside the booth, such as Parallon’s glamorous champagne reception.
  • Technology considerations included a high-end solution that would showcase the two unique video walls. These outfacing monitors utilize custom software and narrow bezel monitors that were easy-to-use, durable, and could withstand the requirements of the show floor.
Custom Design, Trade Show & Event Services
Custom Design, Trade Show & Event Services

Each client had their own vision and needs for the space. The vision for the overhead signage was different for each client, so different interior structures were created to accommodate the two styles. Parallon wanted to make a large, bold statement with their overhead signage. Their configuration features a backlit mock ceiling and layered ovals that reflect the shape of the display structure and custom flooring. HealthTrust’s configuration features an elegant custom fiber-optic chandelier that hangs in the center of the booth space and can sync with the exhibit’s various lighting effects.

A Real WOW Success Story

Widely recognized as the best, most memorable island exhibit in every show it has been featured in, this exhibit has proven to be the versatile glowing heart of any show. The 20’ x 50’ exhibit was featured in CEIR’s (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) Industry Insight Series, “Designed to Engage — How to Build Elements of Engagement into Booth Designs.” This stunning display was also awarded the EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 People’s Choice Award and was a top finalist for Best Island Exhibit in its category at Exhibitor magazine’s Portable Modular Awards.