Exhibitor Services

Exhibitor Services

Surprises are great, but trade shows shouldn’t be full of them. At Astor Group, we don’t believe you should be stressed out before each event. We offer a customized menu of Trade Show & Event Services for our clients to choose from.  This allows you to select as much in terms of exhibitor services that you want. Then let us do the rest. 

As a full-service client, we coordinate your trade shows from start to finish. With access to our online portal, our clients have a complete view of their trade show inventory and schedule. After a few clicks, you can submit a show order directly to our team and consider it done! Yes, trade show services are really that simple with Astor Group.

But What Does that Mean Exactly?

  • You no longer need to sort and fill out 120-page exhibitor kit.
  • Clients receive discounted pricing on expensive rental furniture, among other services, and direct access to the top vendors in the industry.
  • Open communication 24:7 with our team of proven trade show and event professionals who direct and manage every facet of your trade show event from behind the scenes. Your team can show up the morning of the show and not worry about a thing.
  • You now have a new component to your marketing team that knows your exhibit program inside-out.
  • Your team will receive recommendations on ways to cut costs, operate more efficiently. And when the time comes for a new build, they can position you to be the most memorable booth on the show floor.
  • Never have to hope every part and piece of your booth made the trip and is working. Our team has already examined, organized, and confirmed that your booth is prepped and ready for the show.
  • No longer will you need to track shipments or endlessly be on hold when calling a carrier’s 800 number. Or, never again stand in line at the service desk. You will no longer need to figure out why your digital content isn’t playing on your booth’s TV…
  • At the end of your event, you’ll receive a complete financial wrap-up from Astor Group. This keeps your accounting department financially informed of the status of each event. 

We are the people who prepare for all the things that could go wrong before they happen. We go through every detail to make sure every item and service is ordered, confirmed, delivered and is show-ready by the time you arrive. Whether we’re on-site supervising our labor team or troubleshooting from afar, we will always deliver, no matter the time or day.

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