Event Program Management



We are not talking about managing the details for a single event, rather the entire event series, or event program



For clarification, event program management includes the entire breadth of events in an organization’s event schedule – small to large internal to external. An entire program includes local, regional, national, and international events. The purpose is to promote or sell its products and services.

Event planning or event management refers to a single event, event programs involve a series of events, conferences, and trade shows.  

Event Program Management encompasses the activities needed to successfully bring an organization’s presentation before their prospects attending events, trade shows, or conferences.

Program management for events encompasses the management of company assets. This includes ordering essential services and executing an approved game plan leading to a successful event objective. A successful program management plan will provide a crystal-clear focus on the events at hand. It will put in motion a process to bring sales into harmony with marketing for long-term rewards.

More specifically, event, conference, and trade show program management requires a systematic process of planning, executing, managing, and coordinating event services and logistics for a client’s single or entire schedule of events in which a company plans to participate. The planning and coordinating activities may be directed toward many different size events which can be local, regional, national, and international events.


  • Trade Shows 
  • User Conferences
  • Annual Meetings
  • Sales Kick-Offs
  • Activities: Concerts/Runs
  • Virtual & Hybrid Events
  • Incentive & Appreciation
  • Private & VIP Events

We work as a seamless extension of your event team. The goal is to develop not only cutting-edge exhibition strategies but also bring the finest designers. By doing so, we can create brilliant displays, and implement exhibit strategies that create a true WOW factor! And most importantly, provide event program management services to successfully run your organization’s events consistently. On-time, and on budget!

At Astor Group we create excellence in:

  • booth design
  • engagement activities
  • experiential elements
  • the attendee journey
  • successful lead capture & follow-up 

Through Event Program Management services, all the event details are planned. This includes ordering the services and supplies needed in advance and onsite. It also includes managing the logistics for all properties and assets going to each event. In addition, program management includes the on-site execution of all activities during the setup & dismantle. When done properly these all come together to create an exceptional experience for the clients.

Trade show program management services often extend far beyond the dismantling of the event. Our show services often extend into the next event depending on the client’s show schedule. But most often inventory returns to storage at our secure warehouse facilities. The show services team provides your staff with a thorough post-event report which also dovetails with our Lead Capture and Marketing Automation Services.

Yes, Astor Group works to facilitate, activate, and enable your marketing program to run at its maximum potential. We provide turn-key service, from the initial moment of move-in, through the loading of the final truck. All the while we maintain customer relationships, through our end-to-end event marketing services.

Key Areas of Astor Group’s Full-Service Program Management Plan

Astor Group specialized in the implementation of event program management services. We plan the resources and services for all of the events. This ensures consistency in visual presentation, attendee, and staff experience. The benefits of a well-designed program go far beyond meeting just the immediate needs of the exhibitor. A well-designed trade show program creates a familiarity with the staff of all the moving parts and pieces. With that familiarity comes a level of expectation and buy-in by the exhibit team. It takes that level of expectation to a level of excellence with the presentation of the final product, each time it’s presented.

Key areas of our service are: 

  • Exhibit program design and planning
  • ExhibitForce event planning and inventory management software
  • In-depth knowledge of clients exhibit inventory
  • Access to AG relations/special pricing (ie: rental furniture, shipping, labor)
  • Procurement and inventory management
  • Storage and fulfillment of exhibit properties and supplies
  • Logistics management – tracking and problem solving as needed
  • Ordering and management of all show services
  • Coordination and Execution of all time-line services, i.e., cleaning, labor
  • Management of vendor relations
  • Labor and staff coordination and management
  • Engagement solution ideation and procurement
  • Rental inventory
  • Full inspection and preparation of inventory (including minor repairs)
  • 24:7 Client support and service
  • Add on our lead capture and marketing automation services for end-to-end marketing and event programs


  • Exhibiting in Exhibit Hall 
  • Sponsorship – Physical or Digital
  • Partner Co-Marketing 
  • Presenting: Speaking Sessions & Teaching Educational Courses
  • Experiential Activations & Activities
  • Digital Content – Video, Webinar, Podcast
    • Live Streaming
    • On-Demand


Event Managers (with overflowing plates), Directors of Marketing and Sales (who need the extension of their marketing and events teams), Field Sales Managers (who are juggling many roles and need a single, streamlined system). Event program management is beneficial to organizations whose marketing or sales teams exhibit in a series of events, or need help with a single event out of their typical scope.

For event managers, program management provides the blueprint on how everything is physically orchestrated and brought to fruition. With the marketing and sales teams, it becomes a proving ground. It illustrates that the mission of the two teams really is in sync. The success is illustrated through hard sales, which creates an R.O.I. that drives the teams forward to greater success. And for the field sales managers, it provides that systemized approach that always allows them to focus on what’s important at the moment. They don’t have to worry about the inevitable surprise.


The benefits of a well-designed program event go far beyond meeting the needs of just the event at hand.  When a process is systematically implemented over a company’s entire show schedule, repetitive steps are established.  When followed throughout the organization, it eliminates mistakes, conserves resources, and is very predictable. By making each step predictable, each step becomes duplicatable throughout the organization.
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Whether you are a company planning your first event or looking to improve an existing (but failing or lacking) event marketing program, you’ve come to the right place.

How We Manage Your Event Program

First of all, we collaborate with your team to learn what makes you tick. What’s worked and what hasn’t. We begin by opening the door a crack and showing you what it can and should be if you take the challenge of dedicating yourself to “continuous program improvement.” As we open the door, it will not only mean that you’ll eventually know a whole lot about what we know, but you’ll also understand the context of why each step is important.

Along the way, you’ll hear words like lead capture, segmenting, lifecycle, forced freight, wow, and swag. They’re all part of the circular whole of your new journey with all your events in total, not just one at a time. We have a deep well of knowledge.

In the end, our goal is that if we do our jobs well enough, someday you’ll realize that we’ve shared enough information with you so that you will no longer need us, but you’ll still want us on your team every step of the way because of our flawless execution of the plan.

More specifically, event, conference and trade show program management requires a systematic process of planning, executing, managing, and coordinating event services and logistics for a client’s single or entire schedule of events in which a company plans to participate. The planning and coordinating activities may be directed toward many different size events which can be local, regional, national, and international events.

Lowell Nickens, President

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