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Strategic planning and development to drive growth of event marketing programs

Surprises are great, but trade shows shouldn’t be full of them. At Astor Group, we don’t believe you should be stressed out before each event. We offer a customized menu of Trade Show & Event packages for our clients to choose from.  This allows you to select as much in terms of exhibitor services that you want. Then let us do the rest. 

We help businesses rapidly scale growth through strategic improvements to their sales & marketing processes 
Event Lead Capture > 
               Through Lead Qualification >
                                              Through Leads Nurturing >
                                                                                    Sales Qualified Leads >
                                                                                                           Sales Relationship Mgmt >
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We truly understand events and marketing.

We understand your challenges. We learn your goals, we get to know your teams, and we’ll work get you to your goals. We give you the roadmap to obtain success and drive growth through integration & automation of people and processes in both online and event marketing merging the physical with the digital.

But What Does that Mean Exactly?

Astor Group comes with a deep bench of knowledge and expertise for end-to-end event marketing services.

From event lead capture through the qualification process, then into marketing automation and e-nurturing, while developing into sales qualified leads, we give you the roadmap to obtain success and drive growth and revenue through integration and automation of people and processes in both online and event marketing merging the physical and in-person with the digital and online all managed through one single, streamlined system.

You want to…

  • grow your business
  • drive leads
  • drive attendance
  • drive engagement
  • increase conversions
  • increase brand awareness
  • drive sales
  • improve ROI
  • increase ROI
  • event attendance
  • attendee engagement
  • web traffic conversion
  • customer engagement
  • social engagement
  • social influence
  • client acquisition


what we do:

we create the roadmap to help grow businesses.  we act behind the scenes not as the architect, and the engineer, but blend right into with team along the front lines as the tour guide, road crew, MC, director, producer, and clean up crew. 

how we do it: 

we work with your goals to create streamlined systems to drive growth and revenue, weaving people and processes and automation in both online and event marketing merging the physical or in-person with the digital.

why we do it:

because we love it.  it is in our blood.  we love the story.  we love the victories, the mini and the mighty.  we learn from our mistakes and grow from them.  we believe in doing things right (it’s called ethics and we think it is just good sense) and we believe in doing everything with care, and with knowledge, expertise, and professionalism, and with joy… it’s infectious.
From lead capture through the marketing and sales qualification process, and respective funnels to be sent into automation and e-nurturing processes needed to develop introduction into sales qualified lead, we have proven methodologies to drive growth through, improve quality traffic flow through your funnel and increase revenue.
Integrating people with strategically engineered sales and marketing automation we improve both your online conversions and event marketing ROI merging the physical & in-person with the digital & online all managed through one single, streamlined system sales & marketing system. 
We provide the strategy and steps needed to create sales & marketing alignment. We help both teams to understand the benefits and greater success that comes from combined efforts and campaigns, through seamless follow-up and nurturing campaigns. 
We work with your teams to strategically design for you brand we deliver both the behind the scenes and the live event experience design: live talent and live engagement specialists, spacial elements, graphics, signage, exhibits & displays, and promotional giveaways, gifts, and swag, inventory management, storage and fulfillment services.

We bring a deep bench of knowledge and expertise, along with a playbook of successful strategies and frameworks for end-to-end event marketing programs

Let's talk event marketing.

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