At Astor Group, we believe in providing consistent, transparent and honest service from a holistic perspective. Our team constantly strives to excel above our clients’ expectations, to push new boundaries of exhibiting and defy possibilities. We aim to inform, inspire and help our clients achieve greatness.

Our Approach

  1. We begin with a conversation about your company, your goals and your unique position within your industry. In other words, we look at things from your perspective.
  2. Secondly, we take a look from your audience’s perspective. We think about their goals, their relationship with what you have to offer, and what will really draw their attention as they walk the show floor.
  3. Finally, we complete the tri-focal analysis by adding the knowledge and experience that our team has to offer from all angles of events, media, marketing, sales, design, and production to formulate and execute successful trade show & event marketing strategies with quantifiable results to show your ROI, growth and improvement.

With the strategy identified, we utilize a team of brilliant, creative, event & marketing savvy designers to elevate your brand and help your business grow and evolve.

Getting Started…

 Creative Ideation & StrategyGraphic DesignExhibit Design
Environment DesignEvent DesignInteractive Design • Experiential Design
Marketing Strategy — Pre, During & Post Event • Brand Strategy & Development